Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fenced In

Here I am up at 4am creating my blog the night before leaving for Rwanda. I blame my fence. Two days of slaving away tearing down and rebuilding a portion of my fence. I can claim victory over it, two minor cuts my only wounds, but it was a time suck.
I have nearly everything packed up and all necessary docs at hand. There will undoubtably be excess baggage fees resulting from all the school supplies. Most likely a sore back and shoulders from lifting it all.
I'm ready, excited, and on the verge of falling down out of exhaustion.


Coventry said...

Hope you got some rest on the flights during the past 24hours and you rides were there at the airport. If not just wait. You are on their time schedule now.

This will be an exciting adventure of true immersion and learning. You and Kelly - make us proud. -Coventry

kingdoc said...

Glad to hear that you got there, finally! I hope that the spiders aren't as big/bad as I have imagined them to be based on your message. Anything else is pretty much tollerable, but spiders are a absolute deal breaker.

Good to hear that the digs are nice and the company good. Am really jealous that you are getting this experience! It's really cool bro!!!